Our mission is to create a simple and coherent platform that simplifies access to and understanding of marijuana regulatory compliance laws as they apply to operations and owner’s needs. We streamline the day to day operations and make the changes in regulations as accessible as possible in an ever-changing industry.

Kate Awada. Former founder of 5700 consulting. Marijuana veteran of nine years.

Kate Awada

CEO & Founder

9 years in cannabis, first METRC consultant • CEO of 5700 Consulting

Partner at Cannabliss Veganic Soils • Partner of Awada Breen Consulting



Jeff Taggart

Advisor & Co-Founder

9 years engineering & startup experience • CTO P2Binvestor

Lead Instructor Galvanize • Lead Engineer Pivotal Labs


Steve MacCoun

Advisor & Co-Founder

MS CS • 6 years engineering experience • CTO Wrapid • Team Lead EMC


Joshua Price

Advisor & Founding Member

10 years of product design experience • Former designer @ Google, Eventbrite, and Opentable


Board of Directors


Diane Czarkowski

More information coming soon.


Gregg Weiss

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Our Team


Dennis Malaney

Business Development


Heather Rosenberg

Director of Compliance


Board of Advisors


Kim Stuck

Kim Stuck is the CEO of Allay Consulting. She was the first Marijuana Specialist for a Public Health Authority in the nation in Denver Colorado. She is a Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) and a Certified Professional of Food Safety (CP-FS). Allay Covers compliance of state cannabis regulations, FDA, OSHA Fire code, and Metrc compliance. Throughout her regulator career she disposed of and recalled millions of dollars worth of cannabis products and helped build policy and regulations in several different states. She grew a love for the industry during this time and decided she could help the industry more effectively if she started her own compliance consulting company. She has Instructed for cannabis universities, writes articles, and speaks at conferences. She is on the ASTM cannabis work group, the Denver Cannabis Sustainability Work group, DDPHE's Cannabis Health and Safety work group, and serves on CDPHE's Science and Policy work group. She has a vast knowledge of the cannabis industry and all things compliance within it. 

Aly Piscatelli

Owner and Operator of BOSS Consulting, Aly Piscatelli, has been working in the Colorado Cannabis industry since 2011. From managing stores and production companies, to opening recreational shops and forging through the early days of the METRC system, she has stockpiled years of experience. She started BOSS Consulting in 2016, with goals of sharing her inventory control and METRC knowledge with other cannabis businesses. BOSS Consulting specializes in inventory audits, METRC, inventory SOP development and implementation, and employee training.

shannon k.jpg

Shannon Kaygi

Shannon Kaygi, started her career within the cannabis industry working for a multi-state compliance software company. There, Shannon was responsible for helping customers stay compliant within the constantly changing regulations in order to avoid large fines and/or the loss of their license. Armed with that knowledge and a growing network, Shannon moved into the Hemp industry where the obsession with quality, reliable, and compliant product grew.

If you have spent time in the Hemp industry, you know that things can be very grey and compliance regulation can be very confusing. You may not know the right questions to ask, where to start, or what documentation you may need. That’s okay!  

At SYK Holdings, we take compliance seriously. We know who and where the reputable labs and supply are. We set ourselves apart through a high value of compliance, reliability, quality, and service  in order to help you make the best product possible.