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Passionate about building, selling, or managing great products? Join the fast paced Azara life.


Senior Software Engineer

Azara is Looking for full-time senior software engineer to join our quickly growing team in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We value passion for software over all other traits, and want someone ready to jump into any part of our web or mobile app. Our web stack is Haskell and Elm with Postgres on the back-end, and our mobile app is React Native and TypeScript. Bonus points if you have a strong love or interest in functional languages with expressive type systems!


  • 5+ years professional software experience

  • At least some professional experience specifically in mobile or web


  • Local or willing to relocate to Boulder, CO. We will provide relocation if applicable. (We will entertain pure remote work if we think you are really exceptional).

  • Experience developing both web and mobile apps.

  • High competency in databases, specifically Postgres.

  • Well versed in typed, functional languages like Haskell. At a minimum, you have tinkered with these languages and are interested in growing more in them

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Customer Support - Colorado

Azara is looking for a full-time support person to assist with customer management. We are looking for a person passionate for the cannabis space, and has an aptitude for tech. This job requires the ability to be on-site working with customers at different cannabis businesses. 


  • Must be able to work in Boulder, Colorado

  • Must have a valid drivers license

  • Must have at least 1-3 years of professional experience either within cannabis or in a customer support position

  • Strong written and verbal skills


  • Someone who has worked in the cannabis industry or worked in the tech industry.

  • Passionate for the cannabis industry.

  • Strong aptitude for tech.