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 This is an image of Azara as a product. Both a web view and a mobile app. Azara is designed to organize compliance logs.

Azara is a set of web and mobile tools that keeps your cannabis business compliant. By eliminating traditional paper files, we make regulation documentation easy. Azara is always up to date with regulations and reduces your risk of fines or audits. Helping business focus on growth and not paperwork.

 Track daily logs for compliance on Azara

Track your logs

Track your day to day operations. Visitors logs, waste logs, transport manifests. Always know the minute your licenses will expire.

 Templates on Azara start you out with your state's list of necessary compliance logs and documents.

Start with our templates

Don’t know every compliance detail? We have you covered. Automatically stay compliant by following our guides and templates.

 Regulations can create waste. Azara helps with the clutter that comes with regulation work.

Simplify work

Declutter your life. Remove the stacks of paper the state requires. Bundle everything into simple to use software that keeps you up to date. Everything is safe, secure, and centralized.




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